2005-07-31 20:06

Photos and videos of the “Open Dutch“

Visual enjoyment of one of the most spectacular matches of my life as a fierljepper.

In the coming days this page will be expanded with more photos and videos from “all over the internet“.

Starting with more than 600 photos (from my own hands).

600 photos of the afternoon program and the final in the evening

Gelieny van der Paauw taped the complete final. Following you will find the highlights.

The Champions of the day
Hannes Scherjon 18.25 (pr) 17.83 17.67
Jaco de Groot 18.07 17.98 17.58
Henk Schievink 18.06
Klaas Haanstra 17.98 17.06
Thewis Hobma 17.98 (pr) 17.18
Bart Helmholt 17.80
Ysbrand Galama 17.44
Evert van der Wal 17.02
Gerwin van Vliet 16.84
Theo van Kooten bs
Rimmer Abma 16.56 16.38
Floris van Elzakker 16.13
Jacob Scherjon 15.91 15.90 15.87
Jan-Willem de Groot 15.91 (pr) 15.81
Chaim la Roi bs
Hessel Zeinstra 15.51 (pr)
Sjoukje Tjalma 14.41
Wendy Helmes 13.07